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HDVideo Inc. Frequently Asked Questions

Let Us Capture the Moment

"Oh what could have been."
One of the things I hear most working with Couples is how fast things move on their wedding day. Because of that time and again they come back telling me "Wow I'm so glad we chose to film the wedding!" They were thankful that they invested in the filming of their day; capturing the small details, the story from the other side and ultimately documenting it fully with a professional and experienced team such as ours.

HD Video Inc. Standards
We use only the best digital film equipment available. When we say HD, we mean full gorgeous 1080p High Definition from Canon, their best L series lenses, with industry professional audio from Sennheiser and Apple post production equipment all totaling close to $20,000. Often, the lure is to go and take shortcuts but that's simply counter productive for our values. For us, we refuse to compromise and deliver at less than we know is our best.

Pros vs. Joes
The challenging thing today is that the market for Photo and Video service can be tough to navigate. And the initial thought for everyone is, "Wow, weddings are expensive!" And the temptation again is a race to the bottom in terms of deals and prices. You will certainly come across services offering prices more attractive, and more power to them, but the truth behind it is this: they do it as a hobby on the side. They supplement due to another job they work and can afford to come in under market prices. Which is great for certain seekers, but for us, there is overhead costs of maintaining top grade equipment, health insurance, bottom line: for us, we do it for a full time living and have studied it in our Master's level film production backgrounds.

It takes a village...
Film making and in this case Wedding films takes a team. What may appear on paper as a one or two man job simply isn't the full story. Even on a "one man gig" I have at least one assistant with me who I have to consider, and compensate as well. We have professionally certified Editors, and our Cinematographer team isn't too shabby either.

Filmmakers Giving Back
As noted, we humbly believe in the power of philanthropy. Over the years the list of agencies, non-profits and organizations we have donated to has grown with us. And that's something we find distinct and unique about our services. Couples get blessed with a great video and our communities in their own way feel the blessing too. And as long as we have the golden opportunity to film, we'll keep doing so.